“Effects of using ammonia as a primary fuel on engine performance and emissions in an ammonia/biodiesel dual-fuel CI engine “

The ACTIVATE team published their results on ammonia/biodiesel dual-fuel engine in the International Journal of Energy Research (IF=5.16) on 24 June 2022. Free open access here. Abstract: Ammonia is a promising alternative fuel that can replace current fossil fuels. Hydrogen carrier, zero carbon base emissions, liquid unlike hydrogen, and can be produced using renewable resources, […]

Free Online Seminar

After the first year of working on an ammonia fueled diesel engine, we have a pleasure to invite all of you to our seminar. It’s free to register online event which will be held on 1st December 2021 from 9 -12 AM (UTC+1). Click on the link in order to register for the event: Join […]

“Ammonia CI engine aftertreatment systems design and flow simulation” conference paper

The members of W2 have attended the 9th International Congress on Combustion Engines in Lublin on 27-28 of September 2021. They attended the conference with the paper entitled “Ammonia CI engine aftertreatment systems design and flow simulation”. This paper is focused on the design and flow simulation of the ammonia CI engine aftertreatment as well […]

0D and 3D Simulation

The numerical simulations focused on the development of combustion technology for a compression ignition (CI) engine fueled with a mixture of biodiesel and ammonia.The numerical simulations have been conducted based on three main objectives: Development of an overall methodology for simulating CI combustion engines fueled with a mixture of biodiesel and ammonia. An application of […]