The SUT team in WP2 has successfully finished all tasks defined in WP2. Thus, they finished the last and final report of WP2 and delivered D2.4. They also achieved the last milestone defines in WP2, M2.5, which is about “Ammonia combustion technology ready for demonstration”

During two years of WP2, the SUT team developed the diesel engine to utilize ammonia in dual fuel mode using biodiesel as pilot fuel. Therefore, they have done extensive tests on the GDI pump, GDI and CR injectors, Tractor dyno tests, after retreatment system SCR, and finally engine dyno with gaseous and liquid ammonia, biodiesel, and diesel fuel on the test rig.

The photo of the test rig of ammonia+biodiesel fueled CI engine.

They are currently working on transferring the developed technology from the test rig to the tractor in WP5.