The second ACTIVATE project consortium meeting took place on 23rd April 2021. The pandemic reality forced us again to held the meeting online.

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Traditionally, the meeting started with a summary of formal topics: financial aspects, project promotion and reporting issues.

However, the clue of the project meeting was to make an update on the progress in project implementation. Each WP-leader made a short summary of work.

David Emberson (WP1 leader) presented the test-rig for testing ammonia combustion directly from the lab and discussed the assembly issues. The installation should be ready for operation next month.

Grzegorz Przybyła (WP2 leader) presented the test-rig for engine testing and the fuel line. In Summer 2021 SUT should be ready for preliminary tests with ammonia.

Michal Pasternak (WP3 leader) and Michal Lewandowski (NTNU) made a summary of the WP3 and WP1 parts focused on numerical model development.

Karolina Petela (WP4 leader) and Mateusz Proniewicz (SUT) summed up the conclusions from complex literature review and progress made in the LCA model preparation. Karolina Petela listed the coherence of the adapted methodology with ISO standards and discussed further steps needed to achieve first WP’s milestone M4.1

Marcin Jewiarz presented progress in field data acquisition from agricultural tractor. It was discussed that the tractor should be transported to Gliwice in near future in order to perform the dyno test.

UAK team ready for field tests

It was agreed that, if the pandemic situation allows, the next reporting meeting will be organized at NTNU at the turn of September and October 2021. Otherwise the meeting will be held online like this time.

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