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Lab scale experiments

Conducted by SUT, system for retrofitting the existing engine and testing its functionality in a lab environment will be developed.

The design of the ammonia fuelling system (pumps, injectors, control) is challenging due to:

  • ammonia’s low viscosity,
  • thermodynamic properties,
  • no lubricity
  • corrosive nature.

Materials like copper, brass and zinc alloy must be avoided in selected devices and apparatus.



Technology demonstration

For the technology demonstration an agricultural tractor SCOUT 18T powered by DC1100-T type 4-stroke, 998 cm3 diesel engine with nominal power 11.33 kW has been selected. This vehicle will undergo initial, unmodified testing using standard diesel and biodiesel in a real-world scenario.

Engine speed, torque and performance will be measured using devices fitted to the vehicle to define the performance and operational benchmarks that should be met after retrofitting for the ammonia fuelled vehicle. Atthis stage, it is essential to develop a driving cycle that can be applied to the same engine in the lab.

This initial work will be conducted by University of Agriculture in Krakow (UAK). An engine the same as the one installed in the test vehicle will be installed in the engine lab at SUT and used to develop and fit the ammonia fuelling technology.

Ammonia slip and NOx emission will be addressed using the data from WP1, the numerical optimization from WP3 and as a final insurance an exhaust treatment system. The drive cycle developed previously in this WP will be used to define the engine test conditions.

This Work Package finished on 30.09.2022


M2.1 The GDI pump tested in working conditions with ammonia ☑ achieved

M2.2 Build and equipped test rig for testing operational conditions of the selected engine fuelled by diesel and biodiesel. ☑ achieved

M2.3 Ammonia fuelling system ready for installation at the test rig. ☑ achieved

M2.4 Lab-scale rig ready for testing dual-fuel combustion technology biodiesel/ammonia. ☑ achieved

M2.5 Ammonia combustion technology ready for demonstration. ☑ achieved

News regarding Work Package 2

In October 2023 our paper titled “Experimental and numerical study...

In August 2023 a paper titled “Energy and Exergy Assessments...

The ACTIVATE team published their results on ammonia/diesel dual-fuel engine...

Work package 2 lasted 24 months

Contact regarding WP2

Involved with lab-scale test, retrofitting CI engine for ammonia injection, designing fuel line and fuel injection systems, engine calibration, engine performance tests for various operational conditions


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