Project Activate




WP2 Achieved its goals

The SUT team in WP2 has successfully finished all tasks defined in WP2. Thus, they finished the last and final report of WP2 and delivered

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First tests are over (D2.3)

Deliverable D2.3 is already online. The report can be downloaded directly here: D2.3 Report from test carried out at the test-rig with engine fuelled with diesel

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D3.1 is delivered

Deliverable D3.1 has already been posted on our website. You can already download the report on 3D CFD analysis of ammonia injection in the Hatz

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D1.1 is there!

Deliverable 1.1 is already available online. The report on the Injection system details, first non-optimized engine results with NH3 as a fuel can be now

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First deliverables (D2.1)

The Report on GDI pump testing and final design of test-rig for engine retrofitting for ammonia combustion (D2.1) has already been uploaded to our website

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M1.1. Instrumented engine equipped with ammonia injection system, running and ready for optimization ☑ achieved

M1.2 Fuel injection strategy established ☑ achieved

M1.3 Dual fuel composition optimized ☑ achieved

M2.1 The GDI pump tested in working conditions with ammonia ☑ achieved

M2.2 Build and equipped test rig for testing operational conditions of the selected engine fuelled by diesel and biodiesel. ☑ achieved

M2.3 Ammonia fuelling system ready for installation at the test rig. ☑ achieved

M2.4 Lab-scale rig ready for testing dual-fuel combustion technology biodiesel/ammonia. ☑ achieved

M2.5 Ammonia combustion technology ready for demonstration. ☑ achieved

M3.1 Calibrated 3D CFD model and applicable to the simulation of flow conditions to help in positioning of ammonia injector in the combustion chamber ☑ achieved

M3.2 Calibrated 3D CFD and 0D SRM and applicable to the simulation of ammonia/biodiesel mixtures ☑ achieved

M3.3 Simulation process enabling extrapolation of findings from this work to other engines and operating conditions and hence, also optimization of engine
performance map for a given constraints such as combustion stability or engine load

M4.1 Inventory analysis performed ☑ achieved

M4.2 Impact indicators and TEC calculated ☑ achieved

M4.3 Economic indicators obtained ☑ achieved

M5.1 Retrofitted agricultural tractor ready for testing and calibration (all require devices, systems, measuring apparatus have been installed at the tractor.

M5.2 The retrofitted engine of agricultural tractor adapted for ammonia combustion calibrated based on numerical and experimental findings. Tractor ready for real tests.

M5.3 Adapted agricultural tractor for ammonia combustion tested under wide range of real operating conditions

M5.4 A set of alternative liquid ignition promoting fuels tested and assessed

M5.5 Validation of LCA model performed

M5.6 Levelized economic cost calculated



D5.1 Report from tractor retrofitting process for ammonia combustion

D5.2 Demonstration of performance of alternative pilot fuels possibly used in the future

D5.3 Report from tractor calibration

D5.4 Final report for activities in WP5

D5.5 Demonstration of performance of alternative liquid fuels possibly used in the future

D5.6 Report on comparative analysis of the validated environmental impact of ACTIVATEngine and reference CI engine

D5.7 Report on economic profitability of ACTIVATEngine based on validated demo-scale data