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Sustainability and profitability

An assessment of the technology impact using data from the other WPs will be conducted with SUT as the main contributor to this phase. 

State-of-the-art standardized life cycle assessment (LCA) methodology will be applied (ISO 14040, ISO 14044) to evaluate the cumulative environmental impact of the analysed technology during specific life stages of the ACTIVATEngine and during its whole lifetime.


Proper data flow

A very demanding part of LCA is the life-cycle inventory of the system, that demands data transfer in cooperation between the consortium partners. The LCA will be performed using different scenarios related e.g. to:

  • fuel origin,
  • fuel quality,
  • fuel injection strategy,
  • methods for storage
  • transportation.

To evaluate the lifetime effect, the ReCiPe impact method can be applied. The method allows for the indicator estimation of damage to human health, to the ecosystem and to resource availability. Results will be compared to the LCA of a reference conventional diesel engine technology. The comprehensive environmental impact analysis will be assured by supplementing the LCA with a thermo-ecological analysis (TEC).

This methodology accepts exergy as the only rational measure of the resources quality and provides knowledge about resources depletion. Profitability of the proposed ACTIVATEngine technology will be estimated using standard financial engineering tools and the exergo-economic approach. It is assumed that partners will work together on the completion of unit-investment-cost matrix.

This Work Package shall finish in:



M4.1 Inventory analysis performed ☑ achieved

M4.2 Impact indicators and TEC calculated

M4.3 Economic indicators obtained


D4.1 Map and quantification of all material and energy inputs and outputs ☑ delivered

D4.2 Matrix of impact indicators for LCA obtained for ammonia driven engine

D4.3 Report on economic impact indicators of the technology

D4.4 Report on activities performed in the WP4

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Work package 4
started 4 months ago

Contact regarding WP4

Coordinating the assessment of sustainability and economic profitability of the technology, responsible for LCA, thermo-ecological and exergo-economic analyses


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