Our project was promoted on ‘Scientific-Journalistic Quick Dates’ which took place on 7th November 2022.

Scientists and journalists during the ‘Scientific-Journalistic Quick Dates’ at Silesian University of Technology.

On behalf of the whole consortium, Karolina Petela (SUT team) was interviewed by journalists from Radio EM Katowice, Polish Press Agency and by SUT’s spokesman. The interviews focused on ammonia as the fuel of the future and on the promising research performed within the ACTIVATE project. Answering the journalists questions, Mrs Petela briefly described the tasks of each Partner of the project that is: Silesian University of Technology, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Agricultural University in Krakow and LOGE Polska sp. z o.o., acknowledging the Norway Grants scheme and NCBR acting as Programme Operator.

Part of this talks was on the air 6 December 2022 and is published on the Radio EM website, link HERE.

This project promotion was possible thanks to Centrum Popularyzacji Nauki Politechniki Śląskiej and Stowarzyszenie Rzecznicy Nauki (Science Advocates Association) organizing meeting between scientists and media representatives in the form of Quick Dates.