Paper published in the International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

In June 2023, the progress of our research was published in an article titled “Simulations of ammonia spray evaporation, cooling, mixture formation and combustion in a direct injection compression ignition engine” in the International Journal of Hydrogen Energy.

ECOS 2022

Mateusz Proniewicz, a PhD student at the Silesian University of Technology, working on the environmental impact analysis of ACTIVATEngine technology within Work Package 4, presented an approach to environmental (LCA) and economic (LCC) analysis for special-purpose vehicles from a life-cycle perspective based on the example of the analysed tractor at the ECOS 2022 35th International […]

CFD presentation – Global CONVERGE User Conference

Member of our project and Steering Committee, Michał Lewandowski, engaged in work performed within Work Package 1 and Work Package 3 working at NTNU, presented his findings regarding numerical simulations during Global CONVERGE User Conference. Presentation titled “Simulations of direct injection of liquid ammonia spray in CI engine using Lagrangian approach” concluded current development of […]

Test stand at NTNU

Development of optimal diesel and ammonia injections strategy is supported through experimental work being conducted at NTNU within WP1. Single cylinder engine has been installed on a test trolley, coupled with AC motor and adjusted to work with diesel, common rail injector (DI) and a gasoline direct injection injector (GDI). The engine cylinder head was […]

Tractor on the field

Investigation of the diesel fuelled tractor is the first step on the road to construction of ammonia fuelled engine. The vehicle was delivered on the field to Cracow where initial experiments were conducted. The work has been done within WP2. Original engine was modernized before the testing due to issues with spare parts. Main changes […]