Implementation of the ACTIVATE Project

We are pleased to announce that information about the implementation of the ACTIVATE project has been featured in the Bulletin of the Silesian University of Technology. You can read the article at the following link: We wish you pleasant reading.

The ammonia-fueled mini-tractor

After three years of dedicated effort, we are excited to present an ammonia-fueled mini-tractor, equipped with a direct injection compression ignition engine. This innovative vehicle is located at the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice, Poland. We believe this technology to be a viable option in the forthcoming energy transition that aims to decarbonize our […]

Presentation during NFD2023

On November 29 and 30, 2023, the NFD2023: Nordic Flame Days 2023 conference took place, focusing on combustion and related processes, where the ACTIVATE team presented their research findings: Concept of agriculture tractor driven by ammonia combustion engine Marcin Jewiarz, Grzegorz Przybyła, Krzysztof Mudryk, Marek Wróbel, Piotr Łyszczarz, Łukasz Ziółkowski, Ebrahim Nadimi, Wojciech Adamczyk and […]

Support for Ukrainian Researchers, ACTIVATE_UA

From 1.11.2022 to 31.10.2023, in addition to the ACTIVATE project, a project entitled ACTIVATE_UA – Robotic Platform for Horticulture was implemented within the Scheme Support for Ukrainian Researchers under Bilateral Fund of ‘Applied Research’ Programme. Number of the Action contract: FWD/I/105/CoBotAGV_UA/2022 Researcher: PhD Taras Hutsol, Professor PNU Study description: Nowadays, intensive horticultural crops are becoming […]

Paper published in Energy & Fuels

In October 2023 a paper titled “Ammonia in Dual-Fueled Internal Combustion Engines: Impact on NOx, N2O, and Soot Formation” was published in Energy & Fuels journal.

Paper published in the International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

In June 2023, the progress of our research was published in an article titled “Simulations of ammonia spray evaporation, cooling, mixture formation and combustion in a direct injection compression ignition engine” in the International Journal of Hydrogen Energy.

ECOS 2022

Mateusz Proniewicz, a PhD student at the Silesian University of Technology, working on the environmental impact analysis of ACTIVATEngine technology within Work Package 4, presented an approach to environmental (LCA) and economic (LCC) analysis for special-purpose vehicles from a life-cycle perspective based on the example of the analysed tractor at the ECOS 2022 35th International […]

CFD presentation – Global CONVERGE User Conference

Member of our project and Steering Committee, Michał Lewandowski, engaged in work performed within Work Package 1 and Work Package 3 working at NTNU, presented his findings regarding numerical simulations during Global CONVERGE User Conference. Presentation titled “Simulations of direct injection of liquid ammonia spray in CI engine using Lagrangian approach” concluded current development of […]