ACTIVATE team had the pleasure to participate in the 1st Symposium on Ammonia Energy organized on 1-2 September 2022 at Cardiff University.
Our research was presented in parallel sessions during the 2 days of this vibrant event. It was a great experience, including learning, sharing, and meeting other ammonia enthusiasts!

Progress within the project was discussed in 4 presentations:

  • Adamczyk W., Przybyła G., Żmudka Z., Petela K., Szlęk A., Białecki R., Peczkis G., Proniewicz M., Ziółkowski L., Pasternak M., Lewandowski M., Lovas T., Emberson D., Nadimi E. Ammonia as alternative fuel for energetic sector.
  • Pedersen K.A., Lewandowski M T., Pasternak M., Netzer C., Løvås T. Numerical investigation of favorable injection strategies in an ammonia-diesel dual-fuel CI engine.
  • Przybyła G., Adamczyk W., Ziółkowski L., Peczkis G., Nadimi E., Żmudka Z., Proniewicz M., Sare M., Emberson D.. Ammonia direct injection to CI engine
  • Proniewicz M., Petela K., Szlek A., Adamczyk W. Evaluating the Sustainability of Ammonia Fuelled MiniTractor for Orchard Operations.
In the picture, part of the ACTIVATE team attending the Symposium
Karl Oskar Pires Bjørgen, Corinna Netzer, Michał T. Lewandowski, Grzegorz Przybyla, Michał Pasternak, Karolina Petela, Krister Aaen Pedersen and David Emberson.

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