Mateusz Proniewicz, a PhD student at the Silesian University of Technology, working on the environmental impact analysis of ACTIVATEngine technology within Work Package 4, presented an approach to environmental (LCA) and economic (LCC) analysis for special-purpose vehicles from a life-cycle perspective based on the example of the analysed tractor at the ECOS 2022 35th International Conference on Efficiency, Cost, Optimisation, Simulation and Environmental Impact of Energy Systems, held in Copenhagen, Denmark. The paper, entitled “LCA and LCC framework for special purpose vehicles based on a case study of mini-tractor for orchard operations” will be available to read as part of the conference proceedings.

The paper discusses the approach to LCA and LCC analysis considering a tractor as a vehicle for orchard operations, summarises information on approaches to similar types of analyses based on the state of the art, defines the approach to the functional unit, discusses detailed modelling of the operating phase, taking into account special purpose of the vehicle, and analyses how the LCA and LCC models should be modified when retrofitting a tractor for conversion from diesel to ammonia fuel system.

Photo from the presentation, 5.07.2022.